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12th June 2023

Beyond International Women’s Day

30th May 2023

Raf de Kimpe – CEO Fintech Week London

12th April 2023

Can artificial intelligence really beat genuine intelligence?

14th March 2023

Contracting economy: how embedded finance is supporting the changing world of work

2nd March 2023

International Women’s Day: are financial services innovators supporting gender equality?

31st January 2023

Interview with Leda Glyptis: Analysis on an Industry in Transition

10th January 2023

Succumb to doom or seize the opportunity: what will your 2023 be like?

6th December 2022

Fintech Talents Festival 2022: one of the highlights of the financial innovators’ year

24th November 2022

What can we expect from business in 2023?

17th November 2022

What’s worth reading this week?

1st November 2022

Interesting articles that might change your approach…

27th October 2022

Achieving growth in a complex world – eight years of successful partnerships

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