Global trend towards responsible investing

Global trend towards responsible investing

“The numbers that are changing the world – Revealing the growing appetite for responsible investing” an interesting report by KPMG exploring the trend towards responsible investing. Investors focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors has moved firmly into the mainstream. Increasingly, institutional investors are recognising the potential for ESG factors to affect the valuation and financial performance of the companies they invest in.

At the same time, consumer demand for responsible investments is surging, especially from the younger generation. Investors want to balance risk and return, as well as do the right thing. 81% of millennials want to know more about responsible investing and 49% of millennial millionaires make their investments based on social factors.

The report reviews the trends and the statistics across the world that indicate where ESG factors can shape the financial environment.

To read the article report, click here.

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