Developing Content for High Net Worth Individuals

Developing Content for High Net Worth Individuals

Busy executives racing from one meeting to the next. Their minds juggling an impossible blend of planning, analysing, leading, delivering…

Most financial services businesses have high net worth executives as a primary target. Trying to deliver content which is compelling enough to read in a manner that is easy to digest has never been more important. Whether you are attempting to outline a different investment strategy in a B2C environment or outline a new concept for a B2B customer…the principles are the same. So what are the key ingredients for producing engaging content?

– Use hard facts.

– Provide timely information that people can act on.

– Keep it succinct.

– Obviously, make it channel specific.

– Be strategic.

Hard facts drive credibility

Content based on data makes an impression on executives and quality analysis, which shows good thinking, adds to the credibility. Data needs to make the case for why your points matters to wealthy individuals and provide supportable and thought provoking insights.

Provide timely information on issues that matter…

…in formats that allow ready distribution. There has to be a “so what” that comes out of any analysis.


Executives have short attention spans and need to get to value quickly. You need to present ideas with succinct points and illustrate, rapidly, where the benefit will be.

Channel specific

Busy executives have to be able to access content as simply as possible wherever they are. A tablet during a flight, a paper document on the underground, a short video while waiting for a meeting to start.

Be strategic 

Go beyond obvious trends. Executives want to get an understanding of future possibilities. They look for intriguing, surprising or useful ideas that highlight opportunities. Ideally, you should find consistent ways to gather insights from executives on both problems and solutions. Then, take time to use the most interesting insight to create a story and ideas which will stimulate them.

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